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martes 28 de mayo de 2024
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Algerian President: sovereignty is preserved by a strong army and a developed economy

Algiers (APS): The President of the Republic, Commander-in Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of National Defense, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, affirmed that the national sovereignty is preserved by a strong and fearsome army as well as a developed economy, stressing that Algeria’s development is tangible and unequivocal.

During his visit to the headquarters of the Ministry of National Defense on Wednesday, the President delivered a speech broadcast via videoconference to all Force Commands, the six Military Regions, major units and high schools across the national territory.

   He stated that «preserving national sovereignty relies on a strong, fearsome army and a developed economy,» emphasizing that «the People’s National Army (PNA) is strong and will grow even stronger» to uphold this sovereignty.

   The President asserted that possessing a powerful, feared army is capable of repelling «the covetousness of certain parties,» underlining that developing and strengthening the army «does not mean preparing it to attack or control any region or neighboring countries, but rather to protect the national territory for which martyrs sacrificed themselves, and to secure the future of the current generation.»

   He reminded that since independence, Algeria «has never deviated from international legitimacy, nor attacked any country.»

   As regards the economic development, the country is experiencing, the President said that it is “tangible and unequivocal” and that the growth rate, particularly with the completion of major projects, “will witness by 2027 major achievements at different levels.”

   At the beginning of his address, the President of the Republic greeted all the staffs of the PNA, pointing out that “the institution of the National Memory Day mirrors the Algerian people’s pride in their honorable and glorious history,” a Day that constitutes an opportunity to “pay tribute to the valiant martyrs and to follow their example.”

   He underlined the Algerian people’s great sacrifices in the face of the appalling and barbaric crimes committed by French colonialism, and responded to those who criticize the Algerian State for its commitment to preserving the memory and the nation, by affirming that “people with no roots and virtuous and combatant ancestors, have an uncertain future.”

   The Algerian people, he added, are “a resilient people who reject occupation and will not allow that their freedom be compromised.” The President also responded to those who question the great sacrifices of the Algerian people to regain their freedom, recalling the atrocity of crimes committed by the colonizer on 8 May 1945. 

   He added that those who “do not preserve the memory of the martyrs and the dignity of Algeria and who do not defend their independence and freedom today, have neither history nor future.”

   The President broached foreign debt, reiterating his opposition to it as one of the factors that “compromises the independence of the State’s sovereign decision.” Indebtedness is “a shame and a betrayal towards the martyrs,” he added.

   In his address, the President reaffirmed Algeria’s “unchanging and unconditional commitment to just causes, mainly the Palestinian and Sahrawi causes.”

   “There is a conspiracy that we do not accept, which aims to make the existence of the Palestinian people forgotten,” he said, emphasizing the necessity of establishing the Palestinian State.

   Concerning the Sahrawi issue, the President of the Republic stressed the necessity of enabling the Sahrawi people to exercise their right to self-determination and the organization of a referendum. In this regard, he mentioned the tragedies endured by the Sahrawi people and the difficult conditions they are facing, driving them to revolt.

   The President affirmed that Algeria “will not abandon the Sahrawi people,” calling on the UN to «fulfill its role by speeding up the work of the Decolonization Committee».

   The President hailed “the efforts made by the different units of the PNA as well as “the commitment of the Chief of Staff of the PNA, General Said Chanegriha, ensuring the optimal operational readiness of our Armed Forces for all eventualities.”

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