jueves 30 de mayo de 2024
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Presentan Radio y Televisión de Turkiye en Español

Estambul (Anadolu): La Radio y Televisión de Turquía (TRT) organiza del 25 a 27 del presente mes de abril, la 1ª Cumbre de Radiodifusión para países hispanohablantes y la Ceremonia de Lanzamiento de TRT Español.

Israel´s Al Jazeera ban proposal tightening hold on media environment, reducing opposition

Istanbul (Anadolu): The approval this week by Israeli lawmakers of a bill paving the way for a ban on the Qatar-based Al Jazeera network, along with other international news outlets perceived as posing a threat to security, is not surprising in a state that is increasingly curtailing freedom of expression and opposition of its grievous war strategy in Gaza and treatment of Palestinians in the occupied territories.

Anadolu celebrates 104th anniversary of its founding

Ankara, Anadolu: Founded on April 6, 1920, amid the Turkish War of Independence, at the directive of the Republic of Türkiye’s founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to uphold national unity and to send «the voice of Anatolia to the world,» Anadolu is celebrating its 104th anniversary on Saturday.