jueves 30 de mayo de 2024
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The Media Still Doesn’t Grasp the Danger of Trump

New York (The Intercept): Donald Trump represents an existential threat to democracy in the United States. If he is elected president, he will try to become a dictator.
That warning must be repeated, over and over again, so Americans don’t forget it in November.

How much money did the NYPD waste quashing student protests?

New York (The Intercept): In the early hours of April 30, Columbia University President Minouche Shafik announced that negotiations with student protesters had failed. She ordered the students, who were demanding that the school divest from Israel, to disband their encampments and end their protests.


Washington (The Intercept): Tal Mitnick and Sofia Orr -two Israeli teenagers who are in prison for refusing to serve in the Israel Defense Forces- sent a letter to President Joe Biden, beseeching him to use his power to stop Israel’s war on Gaza, including through placing conditions on military aid.

New York Student Protesters denied water and food in jail

New York (The Intercept): Students arrested during the police crackdown on protests at universities in New York City last week were denied water and food for 16 hours, according to two faculty members at Columbia University’s Barnard College who collected reports from students who were inside.