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Georgetown (CARICOM): The Caribbean Community Council of Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR) views with grave concern the escalating violence in the Middle East, particularly the recent direct military engagements between Israel and Iran.

   These developments not only exacerbate the already tense situation but also pose significant threats to regional stability and international peace.

   The continued cycle of retaliation, including the recent attack on Israel by Hamas, Israel’s disproportionate response in Gaza, and the alarming new dimension of direct confrontations between Israel and Iran, leads to an untenable situation fraught with potential for greater regional conflict and global instability.

   The human toll of this conflict, highlighted by tragic incidents such as deaths and injuries to children, demand an immediate and empathetic response from the global community.

   It is imperative that there be no further escalation that can lead to more suffering and instability.

    In light of this critical situation, COFCOR urgently calls for:

—An immediate cessation of hostilities between Israel and Iran. We strongly urge both nations to halt any further military actions that could worsen the situation, endangering not only their own populations but also the broader international community.

—The international community, particularly the five veto-nations on the UN Security Council, to work assiduously towards an immediate ceasefire, ensuring the provision of necessary humanitarian aid and fostering conditions conducive to a lasting peace.

—All involved parties to re-engage in diplomatic dialogue, prioritizing peaceful resolutions and cooperation over military actions.

   As nations committed to the principles of justice and peace, the Caribbean Community stands ready to support efforts toward de-escalation and the establishment of a durable peace in the region.

   We implore all parties to consider the severe consequences of further conflict and to commit to diplomatic solutions that ensure the safety, sovereignty, and dignity of all people involved.

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CARICOM is the oldest surviving integration movement in the developing world. It is a grouping of twenty countries: fifteen Member States and five Associate Members.
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