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China: U.S. use of veto on Palestine does not match role of responsible power

United Nations (Xinhua):Fu Cong, China's permanent representative to the United Nations, speaks at a UN General Assembly meeting on the U.S. veto to block Palestine's UN membership at the UN headquarters in New York, May 1, 2024.

America’s repeated use of its veto on the Palestinian-Israeli issue is not commensurate with the role of a responsible power, said the Chinese envoy on Wednesday.

The United States has used its veto dozens of times on the issue. Since the outbreak of the current conflict in Gaza, the United States has used its veto five times, four of which to block a cease-fire in Gaza. Its latest veto single-handedly blocked Palestine’s full UN membership, said Fu Cong, China’s permanent representative to the United Nations.

«With intransigence based on its own interests and geopolitical calculations, the United States has repeatedly resorted to veto in an abusive manner, which is not commensurate with the role of a responsible power,» Fu told a UN General Assembly meeting on the U.S. veto to block Palestine’s UN membership.

«We hope that the United States will truly uphold an objective and impartial position and join the international community’s action for justice, so as to play a due constructive role in stopping the war and alleviating the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza,» he said.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict has lasted for more than seven decades, and generations of Palestinians have lost their homes and lived in displacement, Fu said, noting that this is an open wound in the conscience of humanity.

Establishing an independent state is the long aspiration of the Palestinian people. Full UN membership is a crucial step in this historical process. With its veto on April 18, the United States has mercilessly shattered the decades-long dream of the Palestinian people. China is deeply disappointed, said Fu.

Palestine formally submitted its application for full UN membership in 2011.

However, due to the opposition of certain members, the Security Council’s action was put on hold at that time. During the past 13 years, the political prospects of the two-state solution have continued to be eroded while the suffering of the Palestinian people worsened, Fu said.

Under such circumstances, accepting Palestine as a full member of the United Nations to ensure Palestine can enjoy equal status with Israel and to provide an international guarantee for the implementation of the two-state solution is an urgent responsibility that the international community must not shy away from, he said.

Implementing the two-state solution is the fundamental way out of the Middle East issue. China calls for greater international diplomatic efforts to revitalize the political prospects of the two-state solution. China supports the Security Council’s early reconsideration of Palestine’s application for full UN membership and hopes that individual countries will cease setting up obstacles to that end, he said.

Fu said that China will continue to work with all parties to achieve the goal of a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the question of Palestine, the peaceful coexistence of Palestine and Israel, and lasting peace in the Middle East.

The ongoing war in Gaza has created an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. Fu said China urges Israel to immediately cease all military operations; abandon its offensive plan on Rafah; immediately open all land crossings; guarantee rapid, safe and large-scale humanitarian access; and facilitate the transportation and distribution of relief supplies by the UN humanitarian agencies in Gaza.


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