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Gaza Crisis: 32,623 dead, 75,092 injured since October, Palestinian Health Ministry confirms

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The Palestinian Ministry of Health has reported seven massacres committed by the Israeli occupation forces against families in the Gaza Strip, resulting in 71 fatalities and 112 injuries reaching hospitals within the past 24 hours.

According to the ministry, several victims remain buried under rubble and inaccessible on roads, impeding rescue and civil defense teams from reaching them.

The ministry also noted a rise in the death toll from Israeli aggression to 32,623 fatalities and 75,092 injuries since October 7th last year.

Meanwhile, the Government Media Office in Gaza released an update on the most significant statistics regarding the genocide carried out by the Israeli occupation on Gaza for the 175th day, indicating that it committed 2,888 attacks resulting in 39,623 fatalities and missing persons. Among them are 32,623 fatalities who arrived at hospitals.

The number of child fatalities reached 14,350, including 28 children who died due to famine, while the number of female fatalities reached 9,460.

Regarding the targeting of medical teams, the office noted the deaths of 364 medical personnel, including 48 from the civil defense.

The number of journalist fatalities since the start of the aggression reached 136.

As for the number of wounded and missing, the office stated that the number of missing persons reached 7,000, while the number of wounded reached 75,092.

Regarding the breakdown of percentages, the Government Media Office in Gaza indicated that 73% of the victims are children and women.

It also explained that 17,000 children are living without one or both parents.

Regarding severe injury cases, the Government Media Office statistics indicated that 11,000 injured individuals need to travel for «life-saving and critical» treatment. The office also noted that 10,000 cancer patients face death and need treatment.

The number of patients in Gaza reached 700,000 infected with infectious diseases, including 8,000 cases of viral hepatitis infections due to displacement. The report also highlighted the presence of 60,000 pregnant women at risk due to the lack of healthcare and 350,000 chronic patients at risk due to the lack of medication.

Regarding arrests in the Gaza Strip, the report stated that there were 274 cases of detention of healthcare personnel, in addition to 12 cases of detention of journalists whose names are known.

The report also mentioned the displacement of two million refugees in the Gaza Strip.

The report highlights the destruction of 168 government buildings by the occupation forces, as well as the complete destruction of 100 schools and universities and partial destruction of 305 schools and universities by the occupation.

It also indicated that 227 mosques were completely destroyed by the occupation, and 294 mosques were partially destroyed. Three churches targeted by the occupation were also destroyed.

The occupation destroyed 70,000 housing units completely and 290,000 partially, rendering them uninhabitable.

The occupation dropped 70,000 tons of explosives on Gaza.

Regarding the health situation, the report indicated that 32 hospitals were put out of service by the occupation, in addition to 53 health centers. The occupation targeted 159 healthcare facilities and 126 ambulances.

The occupation also destroyed 200 archaeological and heritage sites.

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