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Guyanese voices rally in support of Cuba against US hostility

Caribbean Trakker: In a resolute display of support, the Guyana Cuban Solidarity Movement (GCSM) has issued a solidarity statement standing alongside the Government and People of the Republic of Cuba.

This declaration comes amidst escalating tensions fueled by recent actions of the United States government against Cuba.

The GCSM President Halim Khan has lent its voice to this chorus of support, aligning with stakeholders to express unwavering solidarity with Cuba.

The movement, deeply rooted in Guyana, has unequivocally condemned the hostile measures imposed by the United States administration upon the Cuban government and its citizens.

Highlighting the detrimental impact of these actions, the GCSM underscores their adverse effects on crucial sectors such as healthcare, transportation, electricity, and food distribution within Cuba. These measures, they argue, are not only punitive but also fundamentally undermine the well-being and sovereignty of the Cuban people.

The GCSM President stresses the devastating consequences of the longstanding embargo imposed on Cuba. The embargo, he asserts, has inflicted significant harm on the Cuban populace, exacerbating socio-economic challenges and impeding progress.

As tensions persist between the United States and Cuba, the solidarity exhibited by organizations like the Barbados Cuba Friendship Association and the Guyana Cuban Solidarity Movement serves as a beacon of support for Cuba in the face of adversity.

These movements stand firm in their commitment to advocating for the rights and dignity of the Cuban people, urging regional allies within Caricom to join their cause.

“Amidst the storm of geopolitical complexities, the resilience and solidarity displayed by stakeholder organizations underscore the enduring bonds of friendship between nations and the unwavering spirit of unity in the face of adversity,” Khan added.

In a show of solidarity and defiance, the GCSM presents a list of demands to the United States government, demanding an immediate end to the unjust practices:

Lifting the Economic Blockade: The immediate cessation of the suffocating economic blockade imposed on Cuba, a flagrant violation of international law and human rights.

Ending Terrorism: A firm commitment to cease all forms of terrorist activities directed against the Cuban government and its peace-loving citizens.

Removing Military Presence: The withdrawal of all United States military installations from Cuban soil, including the contentious presence in Guantanamo Bay, Republic of Cuba.

Respect for Sovereignty: Respectful engagement and recognition of the legitimate Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Cuba, a beacon of resilience and self-determination.

Easing Trade Barriers: The elimination of trade barriers that hinder access to essential resources such as healthcare, food, and transportation, vital for the well-being of the Cuban people.

The embargo, the President of the GCSM asserts, serves as a stark reminder of the resilience and fortitude of the Cuban people in the face of relentless hostility.

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