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Media should produce educational content on fake news, Fahmi

Kuala Lumpur, April 1st (Bernama) Media practitioners in Malaysia are encouraged to produce more content that raises awareness about the detrimental effects of fake news and promotes moderation among people of various races in the country.

Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil said industry players should also ensure the content reaches diverse audiences across different races, religions and regions.

He said fake news is a global challenge for governments, highlighting that how effectively a country tackles this issue significantly affects people’s lives, determining whether they experience peace or chaos.

«We must produce more educational content and promote ‘Tabayyun’ (verification in Arabic) to combat fake news, and this is not just about misinformation, it also involves scams and online fraud, causing millions of people to lose their savings annually.

«Spread this public service announcement (PSA) across multiple platforms and content formats to educate the community about the tactics of scammers and encourage caution,» he said during the RTM talk show Naratif Khas which was broadcast on TV1 tonight.

Fahmi also recommended that the media create content promoting the concept of ‘wasatiyyah,’ which advocates for moderation in various aspects of societal interaction.

«The founding principle of Malaysia is wasatiyyah (moderation). Even during Ramadan, we face issues like the controversy over socks bearing the word ‘Allah.’ This principle is crucial for coexisting in our diverse community, where Islamic and Malay cultures are central. It requires understanding etiquette, boundaries, and cultural tolerance,” he said.

He said individuals should not try to solve problems or address issues by themselves through actions that are not sanctioned by the law, adding that the media should focus more on tackling fake news and promoting moderation in society.

Fahmi recommended the media, particularly RTM, to be more proactive in spreading awareness about the government’s accomplishments and initiatives, both domestically and internationally.

«The media should not only construct narratives but also highlight government efforts like the MADANI economic initiative, the 2030 New Industrial Master Plan, the National Energy Transition Roadmap, progressive wage policy, the Public Service Remuneration System Study and our achievements in the semiconductor sector,» he said.

Meanwhile, Fahmi emphasized that industry players must remain abreast of current developments, including adapting to the latest technology and mastering emerging trends in the telecommunications sector.

«Technology enables us to conduct in-depth analysis to understand community preferences and interests. This insight helps us generate beneficial content ideas tailored to specific target audiences,» he said.
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