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Rama: Our ambition is to export “Made in Albania” military equipment within 2030

Tirana, April 4 (ATA) Prime Minister Edi Rama participated on Wednesday in the opening of the new Innovation, Security and Defense Center, which is a milestone in the history of the Albanian Army modernization.

In his remarks, Rama emphasized that, “our ambition is that within the year 2030 we will also have military exports of the “Made in Albania” brand.”

“To rise to new challenges and this new level of commitment at the heart of our vision for the Armed Forces of Albania 2030, a new military strategy and a new long-term development plan of the Armed Forces are now ready and set to go through the legislative process in the Assembly”, said Rama.

The PM added that we are also drawing up the new platform for the development of the military industry.

“The time has come for this platform to be included in the entire legislative body of the Republic of Albania, which will kickstart a wave of investments in the defense industry, making Albania a country that not only consumes what the taxpayers give in the aspect of defense, which not only makes available to the Armed Forces instruments, tools, imported weaponry, but also which through the defense industry returns profits which go to defense again and through its military industry, manage to meet with Made in Albania products, of course, in cooperation with large, serious enterprises of allied countries, the needs of our Armed Forces”, said Rama.

“Our ambition is that within the year 2030 we will have military exports of the “Made in Albania” brand and on the other hand, of course, our army will begin to be supplied with military equipment of the “Made in Albania” brand, Rama said.

“We are lucky because we are a small country, but we have great allies. The most advanced countries in the defense industry today in the democratic world are, not only willing, but also eager to see their enterprises establish cooperation with the Albanian state and on the other hand, our whole new approach in terms of these partnerships, not only in the field of defense, is that the state must be a partner, the state must be a shareholder, and in all these processes of economic development, the state must receive its share,” Rama said.

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