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USS Dwight D Eisenhower leaves Red Sea after failing to stop Yemenis

Beirut (Al Mayadeen): TheUSS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS Gravely successfully transited the Suez Canal, after nearly four months stationed in the Red Sea, the Navy announced on Friday.

During its stay in the Red Sea, the US battle group failed to halt Yemeni operations against maritime navigation linked to the Israeli regime as operations continued.

According to a news release from US Naval Forces Europe-Africa, the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, serving as the flagship of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group, along with the USS Gravely, have now entered the Eastern Mediterranean. Their exact duration in the region remains undisclosed.

The deployment of the Ike Carrier Strike Group on October 13th, followed by its navigation towards the Red Sea, was primarily focused on participating in Operation Prosperity Guardian.

However, the news release notably omitted the current locations of the USS Mason and USS Philippine Sea, the other components of the Ike CSG. USS Mason, akin to USS Gravely, has been actively engaged in defending the Israeli occupation.

«On November 26, the Carrier Strike Group Eisenhower (IKECSG) completed a transit of the Strait of Hormuz to enter the waters of the Arabian Gulf as the Strike Group continues to support USCENTCOM missions,» the command said on X.

The command added that the strike group would carry out patrols to ensure freedom of navigation along key international waterways, as well as support «CENTCOM requirements throughout the region.»

Yemen reinforcing reach toward Indian Ocean

The Yemeni Ansar Allah movement is working on reinforcing the country’s reach toward the Indian Ocean, seeking to cut off the Israeli-affiliated ships from sailing on the Cape of Good Hope route or toward the Red Sea, Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi revealed on Thursday.

The Yemeni front will remain open and the YAF operations in support of Palestine will continue, Sayyed al-Houthi stressed during a speech in which he addressed the latest regional developments.

The leader of the Ansar Allah movement emphasized that the expansion of the YAF’s operations into the Indian Ocean was never taken into account by American, British, and Israeli authorities, or what Sayyed al-Houthi refers to as the «Triad of Evil.»

Initially, Yemen’s military began supporting the Palestinian people and their Resistance by targeting Israeli occupation forces in long-range attacks, via barrages of ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, and one-way attack drones.

However, answering the directives of Sayyed al-Houthi and the calls of the people of Yemen who participated in weekly million-man marches, the YAF expanded its operations to target Israeli-affiliated ships in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea, a critical maritime route.

This led to detrimental effects on Israeli maritime operations, nearly putting the Israeli-occupied Eilat port out of business.

Later, following the intervention of a US-led naval coalition force in the region, the Yemeni Armed Forces expanded their operations to target hostile US and British ships in the aforementioned waterways.

As the Israeli genocide of Palestinian people intensified and Israeli ships reverted to the use of the Cape of Good Hope route, which circles the African continent, to reach the eastern Mediterranean, Sayyed al-Houthi announced that the YAF will begin to target Israeli ships in the Indian Ocean, essentially working to cut off the only remaining route linking the occupation to East Asia.


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