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China will not allow third parties to slander relations with Cuba

Beijing (Prensa Latina) Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Mao Ming stated on Wednesday at a press conference that China will not allow third parties to slander her country's relations with Cuba.

   In response to a publication in the Wall Street Journal, according to which there are listening stations in Chinese military bases in Cuba, she commented that “we have taken note of the report and also of the fact that Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos Fernández de Cossío has pointed out that the report is groundless. The alleged Chinese military bases have never existed, nor have they ever been seen by anyone.”

   Mao pointed out that not even the United States Embassy in Cuba believes in friendship, camaraderie and brotherhood between both peoples.

   She stressed that cooperation between China and Cuba is solemn and, above all, it is open and direct, it is not directed against a third party and slander will never be accepted or permitted as the report maliciously discredits.

   The spokeswoman urged Washington to stop interfering in Cuba’s internal affairs, and denounced the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the White House for more than half a century.

   “The report mentions Guantanamo, which is clear evidence of more than a century of illegal occupation by the United States in Cuba. The United States has imposed the blockade and sanctions against Cuba for more than 60 years, which has brought great disasters to the Cuban people,” she noted.

   The spokeswoman also denounced Cuba’s inclusion in Washington’s State Sponsors of Terrorism (SSOT) list.

   “Throwing mud at others will not alleviate your own crimes. The United States must do the opposite. Stop interfering in the internal affairs of Cuba. Immediately remove Cuba from the list of so-called State Sponsors of Terrorism. Lift the blockade and sanctions against Cuba.”

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Prensa Latina

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